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with standards

Different markets have different requirements

The following 3 concepts are key to standardization:

  1. certification

  2. conformity assessment

  3. accreditation

Let's examine each concept.

1. Certification

Certification is the attestation by a neutral party that a product, process, system or person meets specified requirements laid down in standards.


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2. Conformity


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A conformity assessment is the demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled.

It includes activities such as testing, inspection and certification, and the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies.

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3. Accreditation

According to EC Regulation No 765/2008 EC, accreditation is:

"the attestation by a national accreditation body that a conformity assessment body meets the requirements set by harmonized standards and, where applicable, any additional requirements … to carry out a specific conformity assessment activity”.

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