The "fast track" standardization




workshop agreement

While all the rest of types of standards have similar procedures, the CWA is a bit different, with a shorter and simpler process.

The proposal of a new CWA leads to the creation of a new CEN CENELEC Workshop.

The proposer of a CWA prepares:

  • a draft project plan 
    (including the market relevance of the topic) 

  • a self-assessment
    (which defines if the topic is adequate to be included in a CWA or requires another type of standard).


CEN and CENELEC announce this new Workshop proposal and open the registration of interested stakeholders.


During the Kick-off Meeting of the Workshop the project plan is confirmed and the chairperson is elected.

Next, will be the development phase of the CWA.


Once the participants have agreed on the content, a public consultation stage is recommended, before the final approval and the publication.

After 3 or 6 years, the CWA is considered for upgrading into a European Standard or being deleted.

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C.1 Compliance with legislation

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